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Activated carbon cell


Activated carbon filter cell; it is typically used for the deodorization and chemical-physical adsorption of gaseous pollutants. The design of an active carbon purification system requires the knowledge of the chemical composition of the contaminants, their concentration and thermohygrometric conditions of the air to be treated. 

There are two versions available: 


  • MCA1: rechargeable cell
  • MDA: activated carbon cell with granular agglomeration for organic odours

The MCA models differ according to the type of active carbon used:

  • MCA1: with activated carbon for organic odours
  • MCA2: with activated carbon for acid gases
  • MCA3: with impregnated activated carbon for radioactive isotopes (radioiodines)
  • MCA4AM: with impregnated activated carbon for ammonia, amines and phosphines
  • MCA4F: with impregnated activated carbon for formaldehyde
  • MCA5: with alumina spheres impregnated with potassium permanganate