Activated carbon granules


Activated carbons are elements for the molecular filtration, employed for the adsorption of gaseous pollutants and air odours. The deodorisation consists in keeping the concentration of the odorous substances in the gas phase, below the olfactory threshold, or, in case of gas pollutants, in reducing their concentration. 


The following versions are available:

  • CA-1: activated carbon for organic odours
  • CA-2: activated carbon for acid gases
  • CA-3: impregnated activated carbon for radioactive isotopes (radioiodines)
  • CA-4AM: impregnated activated carbon for ammonia, amines and phosphines
  • CA-4F: impregnated activated carbon for formaldehyde
  • CA-5: alumina spheres impregnated with potassium permanganate

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