Automatic roll filter


Roll filter automatic unwinding of the filter media. It behaves like a plane filter media in which the media is changed once it reaches the critical value of pressure drop. The upper coil (dragged) supplies the new media, the lower coil (dragger) collects the clogged filter media. Between the two, both supplied with protective carter, there is a window that contains, within guide rails, the portion of media exposed to the flow. The electrical part consists of a control panel complete of key and safety button, a tubular motor with thermal circuit breaker positioned inside the lower roll, a differential pressure switch adjustable from 50 Pa to 500 Pa, an electromagnetic brake and a microswitch end of roll. When reaching the critical value of pressure drop, the pressure switch commands the release of the brake and the function of the rotating motor, in order to change the portion of filter media exposed to the air flow. The microswitch end of roll stops this cycle and gives an alarm signal when the new filter media goes below the safety limit, while the electromagnetic brake avoids the spontaneous unroll of the clean roll and keeps the portion of media exposed to the flow pulled. 


Special executions

  • MTP: with support frames for bag filters in cascade.