Anti-contamination bank


Anti-contamination modular safety bank for dangerous substances. It is composed of more containers in series, each of them can house prefilters, rigid bag, absolute and activated carbon filters. The access to the filter holder is possible through the frontal door, while the removal of the filter element is done under the barrier bag (attached instructions). It is equipped with flanged rectangular connections, it is available also in the double face execution for two filter elements. Filter cells of the following size 305/610x610x48 mm, rigid bag filters of the size 287/592x592x290 mm and multi-V filters (absolute and activated carbon filters) of the size 305/610x610x292 mm can be installed.

Available versions

  • UB03: for filters 305x610 mm or 287x592 mm thickness 48, 287 or 292 mm
  • UB06: for filters 610x610 mm or 592x592 mm thickness  48, 287 or 292 mm
  • UB07: for filters 610x762 mm thickness  48 or 292 mm

Special executions

  • UB spec 013 : execution in stainless steel Aisi 304
  • UB Atex: Atex execution II 2 G/D